Growth Marketing Process & Strategies 2021 – Part 3

Posted in   Growth Marketing   on  January 6, 2021 by  Sudha Mani0

Growth Marketing Process doesn’t change much when I start the work as a growth consultant. However, growth marketing strategies I use changes all the time depending on the projects and data I have.

In this article, we will be discussing the Growth Marketing process & 5 growth marketing strategies you could start with.

Growth Marketing Process


  1. Curate data from digital marketing efforts
  2. Define Key Performance Indicators to monitor
  3. Define Success Factors of Growth Marketing
  4. What are the strategies which were implemented?
  5. Define low hanging fruit metric which can be achieved sooner than the complicated metric
  6. Define how experimentation will be carried out during growth marketing campaign
  7. Conduct the experimentations
  8. Curate the results of experimentations
  9. Analyse the data
  10. Rinse and repeat

Growth Strategies which you can research


  1. Artificial Intelligence Automation
  2. Implement Machine Learning where possible to understand capture the data and interpret the data to achieve the results
  3. Blockchain principles implemented for validation, payment and ad execution
  4. Natural Language process to identify misinformation
  5. Voice and Visual search on video marketing on Social contracts.
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